Treefort Music Festival Day 2 of 4

Day 2 of Treefort Music Fest sees the opening of the Alefort, which is a good size dome in the parking lot behind The Linen Building. For a nominal fee they supplied samples of all local Boise, ID breweries. They also had some great live acts early in the day throughout the night.
The first band on the stage was Holiday Friends. They had a great show in the early afternoon sun.

Up next was a goofy rap/hip-hop duo from Boise, ID who call themselves Dedicated Servers.

Next up is Portland, OR band, Talkdemonic. They were the first band up on the Main Stage on Friday evening.

Desert Noises is the next performance that I headed to at The Neurolux. Their live show is more rocking in the sense of a classic rock form.

Back to the main stage to see one of the best up and coming hip-hop artists, Grieves. What a show, Grieves has such great charisma and smooth style, while Budo was the perfect combo of hype-man and keyboardist.

The headliner for the night was Why? Amazing performance! The lead singer, Yoni, has such style and grace that he had complete control over the audience.

The last show that I caught on Friday was one of my favorite new acts, Fountains. Yet another great performance. Their show was at a really cool coffee shop called The Crux.

Wow what a great day of music and there is more to report on coming up, so be sure to stayed tune.

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