Welcome March

Welcome to one of the best months out of the year. Spring tours are starting, SXSW is going to kick everyone in the face, the inaugural Treefort Music Festival is going to melt brains, The Shins’ Port Of Morrow releases, Spring is just around the corner, and there’s going to be some excellent changes to Killing Sasquatch starting this month. So let’s kick off the most hopeful month with some awesome music.
We’ll start off the month with The Loom. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York they have a sound that reminds me vaguely of The National. I love the mix of the drums and trumpet, then you put in a high flying guitar solo and it’s like something you haven’t heard before. Check out their latest album Teeth below the awesome rooftop video.

Next up is a band that is all about the Northwest. Holiday Friends have a plethora of sounds. Guitar and keyboards are just the foundation of their happy-go-lucky rock ‘n’ roll. Their debut album is about to drop some time in the next week or two so look for the title Chicks. In the meantime check out their demos for the album below.

Now something with a little more kick-ass-ness. Teens is yet another band from Boise, Idaho who are into the whole rocking faces off scene. Their self titled debut album came out last year and they are planning to come out with another one sometime this year. Their sound is super crunchy guitar rock coming from an underground bunker type of noise. Check out the fantastic debut album below.

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