Why? + Sundaze

One of my favorite bands Why? has come out with another EP called Sod In The Seed. I absolutely love Yoni Wolf’s delivery and songwriting and Sod In The Seed is no exception. It is really nice to hear some new Why? This new EP is fantastic! They give what every fan wants, something different, yet keeping the same kind of sound. Check it out below, my favorite track is “Shag Carpet,” but clocking in at 16 mins it is worth an entire listen.

Next up is local Portland band Sundaze. This trio has an awesome sound that takes from shoegaze, lo-fi indie rock, and dream pop to make something super cool and chilled out. I’m really digging on their Snow Falling EP that came out in April this year. Super reverbed guitars and vocals along with some sexy drum beats make up most of the tracks on their EP. Check it out below and if you’re not taken in by the title track definitely check out “Night Walkers” and a cover of “Who Loves The Sun” from Velvet Underground.

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