Wild Nothing

Last week saw the release of Wild Nothing’s latest EP Empty Estate. This brightly meandering album is the soundtrack for walking around with nowhere to go. The 7 song EP starts off with a bright pop song in “The Body In Rainfall.” Followed closely by a very nicely syncopated chiller track called “Ocean Repeating.” This EP offers a lot of different paths for all listeners. Definitely one of the most solid EP’s I’ve heard this year. My Favorite track is “On Guyot.”

Another new release last week was Portland artist Eluvium. This is Matthew Cooper’s seventh studio album under the moniker of Eluvium. The album is called Nightmare Ending. This is an epic 2 CD release that is just under 84 minutes long. Nightmare Ending is an incredible mixture of ambient post-rock music. Mr. Cooper writes beautifully landscaped pieces that have well crafted piano melodies, which stretches to endless depths. Listen to the sample of the album above and be taken on a peaceful journey through space and time.

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