Wild Ones

Here is another great local Portland debut album with Wild Ones. Their album is called Keep It Safe. The music that makes up Wild Ones’ sound is the realm of dreamy pop. Most of the songs derive from a great keyboard groove with amazingly cute vocals and the occasional guitar riff/solo. Keep It Safe starts off with my favorite tracks “Golden Twin” and “Curse Over Me.” Two explosive pop songs that should be on heavy radio rotation, they’re that good. My other favorite tracks are “Rivals,” a bouncy keyboard affair, and the title track which is a more low key chiller pop song. This album from Wild Ones is definitely worth buying, or at least 5 listens. This is an album that is made for make out sessions, stream it above for maximum pleasure.

Next up is a two man band called Titanics, from Albany, NY. These guys lay down some fantastic chill wave beats. Their debut album, Soft Treasure, came out back in February and is making a lot of noise. The way that they mix the drum beats with keyboards and synthesizers has a fine line between hip-hop and chill-pop. Titanics have a great touch to their music. My favorite tracks are the single, “Low Frames,” the instrumental “Table Bet,” and the one with the high flying guitar solo, “Two Days.” Check them out above.

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