WL + Gauntlet Hair

Two really good releases that came out this week. The first being local Portland band WL. A heavy shoegaze rock and roll band. A lot of noise comes from this trio of musicians. Between the thrashing guitars, driving drum beats, heavy bass, and synth-keyboards comes the hazy female vocals that add another mysteriously beautiful layer to the music. WL’s debut full length album is called Hold, and features some really cool album art of what I assume is braille. Definitely an album that is worth a listen to and is sure to be up in the top 50 by the end of the year. My favorite track is “You’re Not Really Here.” “Sugar Pill” and “In the Window” are really good too.

Next up is Gauntlet Hair with their newest release, Stills. This shit is super fresh. They put the guitars into the background for this album and focused on the beats and vocals. I have been playing the first track, “Human Nature” on repeat all week long. Definitely do not expect the same type of songs from them with this new album. Gauntlet Hair has the right mixture of pop, rock, and electronic music all put together. Check out “Bad Apple” and “G.I.D.” those are my favorites. Gauntlet Hair will be touring with Surfer Blood this summer, so don’t miss out on that opportunity.

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