Yuck + New Releases

This week’s notable releases are Gardens & Villa with their self-titled debut full length (through Secretly Canadian) and Teddybears’ second full length Devil’s Music.
Gardens & Villa have a cool indie-pop sound with bells and synths, yet they manage to keep their sound minimalistic. It’s hard to compare it to something that I know, so check it out for yourself here.
Teddybears are back once again bringing on a whole bunch of talented guest artists for Devil’s Music. Not only do they produce really cool electro-rock but they brought Ceelo, The B-52s, Robyn, B.o.B., The Flaming Lips, and more to perform on the album. Check out some of the tracks here.
I have been listening to Yuck all weekend and it’s like if Built To Spill, Dinosaur Jr., and Sonic Youth had a three-way this is what it would produce. Though they just came out with their debut self-titled album February this year, it sounds like it came out in the 90s. It’s really a lot of cool indie rock ‘n’ roll. Stream the album for free here.

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