In the moist lowland valleys of the Pacific Northwest Killing Sasquatch searches for the best. Only the best and freshest specimens will do. They hunt for music, pristine tracks at the peak of ripeness, or bands approaching sexual maturity. Again, no stale, rotten, or stagnant tunes are consumed. Killing Sasquatch has been observed in their native range from Bellingham to the Northwest, Boise Idaho into Denver Colorado and San Francisco Northern California to the South, although it is said anywhere rad as fuck musicians are getting together putting out sweet records, Killing Sasquatch LURKS.

The mission is simple, we find and report on upcoming indie bands and expose great music for the purpose of sharing our love for art, music and community. Each friend is encouraged to enjoy our playlists, album highlights, and especially to support the artists and musicians who put THEIR ENTIRE LIFE into the amazing tracks that bring us happiness and inspiration everyday.