Treefort 10 Day 1


Commence the 10th annual Treefort Music Fest held in Boise, ID. Attending this festival for the last 10 years has been a truly blessed experience. This year started as any other, a seven hour drive through the vast expanse of eastern Oregon. The winding road gives us time to reflect on past Treefort, while researching what bands to see in the upcoming days.


Rolling into Boise on Wednesday evening allowed us to start our journey at the Linen Building to see JayWood. Hailing from Winnipeg, Canada, this four piece is primed to get you dancing with their indie styled funk-soul. 


Switch Full Lotus

A new venue for the festival this year was the Masonic Temple, where we saw local Boise band Switch Full Lotus. This post-math-rock, jammed out band plays heavy soundscapes that are combined with prog-rock elements. 

Snail Mail

The first main stage act that we caught was the highly anticipated Snail Mail. This Baltimore indie band has all the makings of becoming a household name. Having recovered from recent vocal surgery, Lindsey Jordan is back in action and sounding excellent. The way that Snail Mail writes their apathetic pop-rock songs resonates deeply with me. 

Dante Elephante

The dreamy soul band from Santa Barbara played an excellent set at the tripped out Sonic Temple. I had no idea what to expect from Dante Elephante, now I know why they have a cult following. The soulful-pop sound makes it easy to dance to. Check the latest album Mid-Century Modern Romance.

Dante Elephante

Calva Louise

Journeying all the way from Manchester, Calva Louise has an incredible sound for a three piece. Mixing all kinds of styles I would say that they have a cyberpunk industrial heavy rock sound. The new album Euphoric has a sci-fi/graphic-novel feel to it.

Calva Louise


The Boston band has a new album out called Parallel Timeline. Slothrust has an excellent taste of alt-rock sound blended with progressive songwriting. They headlined a packed show at The Shredder.

Whippin Shitties

Checking out Mad Swede Brewing, we caught the local boys, Whippin Shitties. Full of beer and joy, we rocked out hard to the pop-alt-punk sound of Whippin Shitties. A must listen for any party.

The Simplots

We finished out the night with another local Boise band called The Simplots. A rock fusion band with incredibly high energy. It was a great ending to a most successful day 1 of Treefort Music Fest.

3 More Bands At Treefort 2022 You Mustn’t Miss

Snotty Nose Rez Kids

DAYUM SON, WHERE’D YOU FIND THIS?! Check out Snotty Nose Rez Kids Treefort 2022! Brainchild of  Darren “Young D” Metz & Quinton “Yung Trybez” Nyce, this shit’s fresh, phat, and traptastic. Their raps are SO tight, the production is next-level. These guys have that tight trap sound we all want all up and down 2019’s album “TRAPLINE.” I can listen to TRAPLINE all day. The single “The Warriors” from 2018 gets into it hard. “Skoden” off 2018’s “Snotty Nose Rez Kids” is a landmark, released just months after “The Average Savage” 2017. See Snotty Nose Rez Kids Treefort 2022 at The Reef 3/24 at 11:20PM. It’s gonna be raging.

College Level

You mustn’t miss College Level Treefort 2022. Especially if you get overly nostalgic for the late 90’s/early 2000’s. It sounds like if My Morning Jacket and Blink 182 somehow had a baby boy together. There’s a surfiness & punkiness that is so vague but also defines the album “Class Act Shit Show.” Otherwise it’s just great indie pop. College Level at Treefort 2022 pops off at 8:50PM at The Olympic on Thursday 3/24.


If you ever need to chill out, just see Flipturn at Treefort 2022. These guys fuck. Its groovy, grimy and smooth. These are DIALED IN bangers with a sophistication that could turn your night into a sexy, unexpected outcome. We can’t wait to see Flipturn Treefort 2022. Catch ’em at 8:00PM Wednesday 3/25 at Egyptian Theater.

6 Bands We’re Stoked to See at Treefort 2022

The Nude Party

The Nude Party Treefort 2022 is going to be amazing. They have an awesome smooth rock and roll style. It’s super classic and reminisces in 1970’s blues rock and the early beginnings of indie like David Bowie & The Velvet Underground. Some of our favorites are “Astral Man” and “Chevrolet Van” off their 2018 self-titled album The Nude Party. They’re scheduled to help close out Sunday 3/27 at 11:30PM at The Olympic.

The Districts

We’re STOKED for The Districts Treefort 2022. If you like indie rock bangers with lots of energy and low key style, you’ll love The Districts. Their album “A Flourish and Spoil” has tracks like “Young Blood” that bring you right back to the hey-day of cool indie rock. These guys are helping kick off Treefort Music fest at Neurolux late on Wednesday (around 11:20PM). Don’t miss it!

Dedicated Servers

We remember seeing Dedicated Servers Treefort #1 in 2011. Back when Alefort was $30 for unlimited beer. Miracle we remembered. But these guys are really THAT NOTABLE. Dedicated Servers are proof that hip-hop thrives wherever — from the thick, loud urban jungle of Brooklyn NY to the dusty expanses of SW Idaho. We like the unassuming, cool, anti-hip vibes & excellent chilled out beats of Dedicated Servers. Check ’em out on Wednesday night at 10:50 PM sharp at Spacebar Arcade.


You like FRESH INDIE MUSIC?? Of course, you… Then you should be stoked to see Brother. at Treefort 2022. These guys have the elegant sensibility of an early Youth Lagoon or Beach House, forming soft towering structures of vibey tunes that grow and fall all around you. DON’T FUCKEN MISS IT. Catch Brother. on Thursday 3/24 @ 11:10PM at The District venue.

The Joyrunners

We’re so stoked for The Joyrunners Treefort 2022. Fuck. These guys are so good. They bring those alt-rock comfy flannel and sweater coated vibes that’ll bring you right back to 2001. Sounds a bit like Presidents of the United States with the GOOD parts of Good Charlotte mixed together. We’ll see you at The Shredder on Thursday 3/24 to GET DOWN on some The Joyrunners at Treefort 2022.

GurILLA Glue

Check. Check one two. Introducing GurILLA Glue Treefort 2022. A Boise hip-hop supergroup, the union of producer Weighn Beats and emcee Mo Digs, you should not — under any circumstances — miss GurILLA Glue at Treefort 2022. When you think of classic underground hip-hop like Aesop Rock (who GurILLA Glue opened for at Treefort 2016) and MF Doom …RIP… think of GurILLA Glue. Also reminiscent of the sincerity and chillness of Myke Bogan, another Treefort Alum. GurILLA Glue at Treefort 2022 can be seen at Spacebar Arcade on Thursday 3/24 riiiiight around 10PM.